BoomBox 3.0.8 Release

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox 3.0.8.

Primarily a maintenance release, we are introducing a few new features specifically in the Finder Cloud File Manager that will make maintaining BoomBox even easier for Producers.

New Features

We’ve rebuilt the Finder File Manager to be even more secure and stable, but now producers can view and download Server and AutoDJ logs directly in the browser (My Home/log folder) as well as download weekly backups (My Home/backup) of their Station configuration and data. Music (My Home/music) uploading has been made even faster and more reliable through multipoint access control (uploading partial files to multiple servers at once and pushing to the main instance). But there’s more…

What’s New?

  • Faster page loading and more responsive Service Control through Decentralized Data Clustering (multiple databases serving multiple instances from multiple geographic locations)
  • Better service monitoring and control (monitoring web page and api coming soon)
  • Better and faster statistics and status data collection
  • Decentralized Media File Management, Multipoint Cloud Support and Sony Network Prioritization (for Movie Producers and Professional Radio Operators)
  • Faster overall response times with the addition of 14 more nodes dispersed geographically
  • Fixes and patches too numerous to mention here

Cloud Services Update 3.0.237

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox update 3.0.237.

  1. With the introduction of the new Clustered NAS (which maintains customer files), the maintenance of Cloud Services has been moved to the system. Customers are no longer required to maintain Cloud Services from the dashboard.
  2. The Cloud Services App has been renamed to Finder (File Manager) in the customer (BoomBox) interface.
  3. A new feature has been introduced: If one creates a folder (has not been tested with subfolders) or uploads an entire folder of music via FTP into the Playlists folder, a playlist is automatically generated in the Playlist manager. However, the playlist remains disabled until reviewed by the station producer.
  4. Permissions management in the Finder app has been revised and should now perform as expected.
  5. A more aggressive service monitoring solution has been introduced which will improve service uptime and availability.
  6. A restart threshold has been set on the auto-dj service and if unable to start after 10 attempts it will be automatically disabled. This addresses the issues reported by producers who use a 3rd party auto-dj services and have not yet discovered that the auto-dj service in BoomBox can be disabled.