******************** IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE ******************** bb23.sonixcast.com is currently experiencing a DDoS attack mounted from China (source: http://www.digitalattackmap.com/) and is being moved into a different network in order to mitigate the attack. Relay's and Redirects will be automatically updated and the effect will be ...

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  • Important Security Update

    We were contacted by facebook and DHS over a month ago that the SoniXCast Producers Group (https://goo.gl/xHzsbN) was being targeted by Trolls, Hackers and Propagandists. We are cooperating with both organizations in order to weed out culprits and were instructed to make no announcements. However, now that we feel investigation has advanced far ...

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  • New Customer Web Cluster

    We've recently rolled out our new customer cPanel Web Cluster. Customer websites will now be faster and more available than ever before thanks to our new super fast AnyCastDNS servers and store and forward caching to over 24 geographic locations worldwide. If you haven't gotten your own customer website with a FREE mywebsite.sonixfm.com subdomain ...

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